About Infaimon

INFAIMON is a multinational company dedicated exclusively to machine vision and image analysis for 20 years.

We offer components and the most advanced vision systems on the market: lighting, optics, cameras, vision sensors, frame grabbers, intelligent vision systems, software and accessories of the most respected manufacturers worldwide, foreseeing a market that evolves quickly, looking for the best technological solutions that turns us into market leaders.

We have the best specialists in the world of machine vision and the most advanced technical resources to satisfy the highest expectations of our customers, advising and accompanying them in the process of purchasing any machine vision products.

INFAIMON is a multinational company in continuous expansion and has offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil also offering support to other countries in Latin America. Since its beginning, INFAIMON has been characterized by providing an advisory service in industrial applications, scientific, high-performance security and in any other field that requires capture, processing and image analysis. This advice is focused on providing our clients with the knowledge needed for the correct product choice and efficient use to achieve a great performance, improving productivity, reducing costs, decreasing installation time and increasing the quality of products.

With the intention of extending the machine vision to all potentially clients, INFAIMON is a member of several national and international associations, organizes free courses in technology centers and universities, participates at congresses, seminars, symposiums and master's programs and collaborates with several industry magazines, universities and research centers in national and international projects.

Publications are another channel used to facilitate the diffusion of technology and its products. That's why we publish a catalogue of machine vision and image analysis in which we identify the technologies developed in this sector and the detailed description of the products in the market, which facilitates the understanding of technology related to the products. Periodically, we also publish catalogs directed at various sectors (Food, Automobile, Science, Industry, Security, etc.) to present the latest news, technologies, innovations, products and applications related to vision and image analysis.

INFAIMON also collaborates with various magazines, publishing articles directed to professionals and people interested in machine vision and image analysis, contributing with information technology and applications in industries.

Our customers have relied on INFAIMON, our know-how, products and systems, which has helped solve their vision applications thanks to our experience.